Cockpit Lights

Hey guys, in the recent update I have found the cockpit very, very dark and it’s always nice to see the 3D instruments.

It would be nice if cockpit lights were implemented to the game. We would go to ‘Systems’ and then there would be ‘cockpit lights’.
This would light up the cockpit nicely.

In addition to this the system lights would light up.

I have had a Mods permission to have this topic

Like the idea, it seems cool. But it would take time if they put in 3D lighting.

Oh, there wouldn’t be 3D Lighting there would just be a light. ;)

It’s already available on a few aircraft


Yes I totally agree I would like the A380 espically to get lights at night

Really which ones I want to know.

The 787 probably has the best-lighted cockpit in the game and the c-130 is quite nice also

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The a320 family also has nice cockpit lighting.

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I’m sure he’s talking about these type of lights:


(picture taken by Anas Maaz,


Ok will see thanks :)

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It is not like the lighting @FlyFi posted but the 787 is better than the 777’s view

777 cockpit
787 cockpit


That is awesome - I’d love to use those during preparations of flight!


I agree with you on that, it would be a nice feature


If you are talking about dorm lights then yes we definitely need this!

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Yeah I can see the difference

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Yes, exactly. You see how the first pic is sooooo dark?

We need every plane to be like the 787;)

So are you talking about adding cockpit floodlights, or about adding a night cockpit to every aircraft? :)

I mean both would be cool…

Not sure if I truly mean this…;)

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Alright. You can’t request two features in one thread though, which means you should separate those two requests, or make the topic a bit more descriptive.
Thanks ;)

I totally agree with your request, btw ;)

I ALMOST (<— note that I said almost; don’t kill me) want to see this more than the DC -10, this needs to be a part of IF!