Cockpit Lighting Visualisation

Hi guys. I decided to make how can looks like cockpit lighting system in Infinite Flight.
Most of us really like B777 so that’s why I picked him to little “rework”
All of these it’s just only photoshop edits - basically corrections of contrast and brightness

Here’s how it looks like now


With screens illumination


And other systems


And here’s the gif which presents lighting system in Boeing 777


The most important is - are you guys like it?
Maybe someday devs will add it to game, I hope!

Happy landings!

Is this not already in some of the newer aircraft such as the 787?

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Yes, it is,but check out the gif

Ok, I see what you are saying, personally I don’t know that we need the ability to adjust the light, but it is definitely a bummer that the 777 is dark…

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Cool idea but the 777 has not been reworked and Im sure when it is, it will be lighted up bright!


Love this idea. Its frustrating that the cockpit lights work on the newer aircraft, but the dash is still not visible after sunrise if you have a shadow. Got my vote!

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Its really amazing. Good job there @Polish_Pilot !!!

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I think thus is a great idea, it gets my vote

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I find it a shame as I don’t fly the old aircraft as the lighting is just shocking and it’s just more realistic with actual lighting. Good job on this. I would definitely fly 777 with lights like that

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like how the 747 cockpit is