Cockpit light power

the screens in my cockpit have the lights very off, it’s almost impossible to see the speed by the indicator, Even with the brightness at maximum,is this normal? :( ,my device is a Xiaomi Redmi note 10 pro

Hello! Which aircraft would this be with? Are you able to share a screenshot perhaps?

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with the A330 neo mainly, but all aircraft have this problem, besides the night being impossible to fly in the dark…

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Night taxiing and flying with infinite flight is truly a nightmare. First of all, there is no ground light guidance on the airport taxiway. The external lights of the aircraft are equivalent to decorations (landing lights), there are no taxi lights, no lights in the cabin, and no vertical tail lights.


I understand, but I used IF on another device and I could at least see the speed indicator, but now its brightness is too low

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