Cockpit Lag in B77W

Im currently in flight from Los Angeles to Taipei in the new B77W With currently 13 hours of flight time, I have noticed that in the cockpit, if I zoom in to the instruments the game lags, even in low graphics

My device: Pocophone F1
Settings: All high, AA off, Limit Frame rate On, and IF low power Mode On


What is your device?

Some lag is normal when flying detailed aircraft such as the 77W.

Try limit frame rate off

Unfortunately, the same result @Fish

Pocophone F1

try using the built in game launcher but it might be risky as it may cause your phone to heat. Not saying you should try but if you are not willing to, go ahead :)

My hypothesis for the lag is that when you zoom in, the instrument panel’s resolution will increase to make it look clearer.

When I enter A flight, the cockpit works well as always but when It has passed some Time flying Like 1 hour the cockpit starts to lag when I zoom in. This happened with The 737-900 too

maybe try clearing scenery cache? not sure if it’s the problem but give it a try. It’s not a harmful thing

I use to own a poco aswell until it broke it runned well on all high plus AA on average fps was 45 on live cockpit