Cockpit hud option


Ok idk about everyone else but to me I only fly in the cockpit camera setting. there are three HUD’s you an choose from that are viewed in front of you I’ve taken pictures of two of them. The other just like the last but without the map. So here’s what id like to see, I’d like to make the first picture have the map,compass, and the horizon with altitude and speed moved down the the right of he compass so you have complete view out of the window. If anyone has ever tried to fly using the first picture I’m sure you can attest that it’s very hard to maintain level flight. What does everyone think?


I agree with you. It is easier to fly, especially if you are a new pilot. Even if the developers can’t move the map,compass and horizon easily I wish they would let you select the view you prefer and it would stay the same until you select another view. It is a real pain to have to reset it every flight.


I prefer the HUD looking like it does on a real aircraft, than changing it to something that does not exist.


On what aircraft is the horizon directly in front of the window other then a fighter jet occasionally?


737s, and I am sure on others as well. Point is, why change the look of the HUD to something that doesn’t exist?


i mainly use HUD when i’m on approach…but for when i’m in flight i like using the outside view as in seeing the terrain around me…but to each his own…just saying…


I think that once we get an actually working cockpit with working dials all of this will not be needed, but I know for sure that will take a lot of effort. Hopefully the devs are looking into this


@Thomas_Hense. Why does every other video following not have this as displayed? That doesn’t seem real to me. But I don’t fly so if you do by all means correct me.


And yes ideally working cockpits is the goal. And I’m sure that’s the goal for the developers as well. I just thought this would give it a little added realness with what I would assume wouldn’t be much work but I could be wrong.


Thanks for sharing this video Thomas. It really shows how the HUD obscures the runway which I thought was just an IF artifact but in fact is pretty realistic.


I agree, once we have working instruments we will no longer require the HUD.


Even with working instruments, I will prefer the HUD. The instruments will be very small and hard to read on a mobile device.

One feature of the video’s 737 HUD that IF does not have is the flight director symbol. It’s that little circle that the pilot tries to keep inside the velocity vector. The aircraft’s system is using localizer and glide slope information (or VNAV) to give guidance commands to the pilot. I wish IF had that, instead of the localizer and glide slope displays.


Without working PFD it’s impossible to proper handle the aircraft.


I think the traditional " SIX PACK" look option should be available in the opening menu screen when you select an aircraft.

Also I think to make this more realistic, actually add a revised version of a VFR chart for us real life pilots.

I think it would be fun for when I couldn’t fly for a day just to have some fun.

Damn PNW weather doesn’t allow me to do my VFR flights very often :(