Cockpit HUD in B787 and A380 are below the horizon

With more aircraft getting updated, I notice that the HUD when using the VC camera faces down, below the horizon. The HUD in the VC used to be aligned with the horizon like with the HUD camera. Is this something that’s going to be fixed? Currently flying the 787 and having to adjust the HUD myself.

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I mean they are very old aircraft in the sim.

I’ve noticed that only on the 787-9. Anyway, sadly, it won’t get fixed until a rework for the type is confirmed.

When you mean HUD you mean the cockpit view? if so this happened when 21.1 was first released and the 787-9 cockpit is a bit weird but the A380 one is normal from what ive heard.

By HUD I mean the “heads up display” you can use when the plane doesn’t have live instruments. You can turn it on in the cockpit, or switch to the HUD camera itself


I believe he’s referring to the HUD View from inside the 3D cockpit, in this case, it was changed when both aircraft got a slight adjustment in 21.1 as Charles said.

Seb said a statement on this a little while ago when this was done for the A320 that is was an intentional thing done.


That has nothing to do with it the 787-9 is extremely lowered compared to the other 787 variants

Here’s a picture of the current angle of the HUD in the cockpit. The idea is lift this angle and level it with the horizon as it was before… a quick fix, no?

I would prefer the default that was before 21.1, currently it’s pretty bad.

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