Cockpit Head-up-display

As you already may know, the newer airliners mostly have a so called “Head-up-display” (HUD). It’s a small display wich is positioned behind the front window. It allows ghe pilot to see all the important flight-information ( Altitude, speed, artificial horizon etc.) It’s pretty much the HUD we already have in the game. The problem is, that the field of view is tilted downwards in all planes with live cockpit. The HUD now overlays the instruments and you can’t see them very good. I had the idea that there could be a small HUD display, maybe as option (HUD, HUD MIN., HUD MAP, HUD S.). Now you could better concentrate on a visual approach at nighttime or in fog.
Maybe it could also just be smaller, like 75% of the one we already have. This would also be good for players with smaller devices, because they can’t see the numbers on the cockpit instruments as good as players on IPads or Tablets. It gets even worse when you can’t move the cam anymore.

I don’t know a lot about programming, but maybe you could copy and paste the Head-up-display model from the 787, and then paste the HUD we already have as a smaller version on that 3D model.

Here a picture:

Thanks for reading :) (and maybe voting? ;) )

@Marc has already requested a HUD addition to all cockpit reworks. Please search before posting if not already done so. 😉