Cockpit glitch on the A318

Hey. So I was getting ready to fly the A318 from Rome to Bucharest when I noticed something off in the Cockpit. One of the screens was glitching in a very weird way. It was displaying pictures of what looked like the livery in development before it was released. Also I should mention that this is across the whole A318 livery lineup. Please look into this as it’s weird and not accurate, thanks!

Device- iPad 9th gen
Operating system- iOS
Photo of glitch-

Hi, do you have iOS 17 as you operating system. It is currently causing some other problems. In the meantime for a fix I would recommend redownloading the app.

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It’s already known by developers 😄

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I don’t. I just spawned in and there it was

I’ve been experiencing the same issue. Just ignore it and you’ll be fine.

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