Cockpit Door opens on British Airways A319 landing at London Heathrow

Now I know people were annoyed at me spamming TWA posts, but I believe this is one that should be rather interesting…

The door “popped” open on touchdown, providing everyone onboard a full view into what was going on in the cockpit!


Not that as uncommon as it may seem. I’ve been on a flight where it has happened. Basically a problem with the door not being completely latched and the touch of impact caused it to pop open. I’ve also heard of it opening during turbulence.


The only thing I have seen pop open are overhead bins during landing. Luckily no injuries though.


That must be a massive security issue to be looked into but the people in the front row must have gotten a great view for landing


I agree, it’s a massive security risk! For @USA007 to say it’s a common affair is also not such good news.


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Cool article!


Why is it such a security risk? As long as it is closed correctly during cruise, it doesn’t matter what happens on landing.


How would it be closed correctly if it came open?


Someone could get out of seat and run up to cockpit then push the throttle and plane would have overrun the runway. Takeoff and landing are actually most dangerous part of flight so it’s better to have door closed and locked all time from A to B.

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Plus there aren’t terrorists in board because they didn’t know it was gonna happen.

Kinda besides the point, it still ought to have been closed.


Well an opportunist could see it as a chance to do something so it’s more of a big deal then you think really.

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I’ve been in the jumpseat of an A380 when the door opened upon touchdown. The cockpit door was shut, but the control switch was on the “normal” position, not in the locked position. Whilst it creates a loud bang when it slams against the wall, no part of the door is broken, as they are reinforced. Usually the pilots will get an engineer to check the door for safety issues though.

Anybody could’ve stood up for and ran towards the cockpit. Remember anyone can be a terrorist…

@Deaf @Chad_Garnett I mean, sure, but maybe a pilot got up to go to the bathroom, the flight attendant came in, and all that door opening could mean it was closed incorrectly just the last time, not during all the flight…

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The A380 cockpit is situated in the middle of the decks so t would be very difficult to make a run for the cockpit there. Also the aisles are incredibly tight and difficult to really sprint in them. YOu have to be absurdly thin to run a normal run down the aisles.

It was an a319 not an a380

I remember JetBlue had interesting procedure while pilot to go to bathroom. One flight attendant would go in cockpit with other pilot which the door is shut. Other flight attendant would block the aisle front of first class wall with the food cart with attendant behind cart facing the seats. This happened like 3 times during my flight from KPSP to KJFK. Captain was just chatting with attendant blocking aisle and had a coffee before going into cockpit during one of them moments.

Unfortunately this isn’t possible during take off and landing stage.

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Im not referring to that case. Im referring that there is veery little risk for the A380, in fact even the 747.

Well in that case It depends where your situated. Anyone in the lower deck of an a380 who’s situated closest to the cockpit can easily hop in if the door rips off

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