Cockpit Detail Neglection

I love my Infinite Flight cockpits. I have seen a trend where the newer planes such as the 787 and the A320 series cockpits are well made in quality.

And then I look at pretty much the entire 737 series. I really want to fly these, but the cockpit quality is just so underwhelming compared to the newer planes.

I really think that the Infinite Flight Development Studio Team should really revisit some of the cockpits and make them on par with the newer ones.

Try increasing your quality settings. FDS have said they will rework their aircraft in the near future.


My quality is on max.

Change your aircraft quality setting, it looks to be set on Low. You can change it in Graphics in the Settings (the cog at the top left) There is Medium, High and Very High as well and they have good detail. Very High may cause your device to crash, depends on your specs


Do you mean Rendering Quality? In that case, mine only goes up to high.

That isn’t the highest quality you can get. What are your aircraft quality settings?


I don’t see anything labeled aircraft quality settings. Can you send me a screenshot please?

exit the flight and then go to settings

change your title also
this isn’t neglection

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These are the cockpits for me


The #support category is for asking questions if you are having an issue or reporting bugs. You are not stating you have an issue (only a design request technically) and this is not a bug; therefore, I have moved you topic out of the support category.

Hopefully soon they rework the cockpits in the older planes.

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