Cockpit Controls

There is a similar topic on this but has been inactive for almost 3 years, so I thought I’d remake it

How It Should Be Implemented.

For some people they believe Infinite Flight is not a real flight simulator because there isn’t togglable controls in the cockpit. I don’t believe this though What I am suggesting to be implemented is the usual controls right now, in which there are two pages for basic aircraft moveable parts and one for lights. Then when the player advances through the Grade’s it can be changed (or kept the same) to the cockpit controls.
The camera should be able to double tap on a component, zoom in and then be able to change the settings. If this were to be implemented it should be on a Cessna 172 or 208, any small aircraft first as a beta test before any of the airliners. Basic controls such as the rudder, throttle and flaps should be able to use when outside of the cockpit, incase the ATC (or some other variable) gives you an instruction and you need to immediately respond.

Why Is This A Good Addition To Infinite Flight?

The reason I think this would be a good feature is that it would be beneficial for cadets who want to become a professional pilot and can practice whenever they want. This may also boost the amount of users on Infinite Flight because it is now a ‘‘real” It already is though flight simulator. That would make IF more popular and then would increase the staff members aswell as the updates :)

Unfortunately I am out of votes currently but I would love to see this feature.

I jumped in a proper 737 flight simulator this time last month - I walked in feeling confident as I had prior experience (ie, infinite flight), but I had no idea where any of the buttons or switches were as they are already there on your screen in infinite flight.
I feel this feature would be very beneficial!


Nice feature request Virgin Atlantic Mongoose


Dang! This could be a challenge for the developers to face! XD


Will give a vote up for this! Nice request!
EDIT: Turns out i’d be giving up two votes for one, sorry…

Removed a vote for this. This is awesome

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It is absolutely an ESSENTIAL feature just like taxi say lights! I am aspired to become a pilot, and IF has have me some further understanding on basic controls of aircrafts. But that’s way too far from the REALISM standard. Voted!;)

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this has already been requested here, and it has 184 votes! if you want this (like I do), vote for this one as well Aircraft Systems

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This request is different though. I am suggesting that you are able to zoom into the components and use them from there not make a huge cluster on the screen.


I really hope this is added soon. It would add a whole new level of realism to IF!

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It’s a little hard to do something like this, especially since IF is a mobile sim. You are limited by screen space.

Would take a long time for this to get done, it takes 3 to 4 months just to implement wingflex and suspension to a 737

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Wingflex has now been implemented to all 737’s