Cockpit Control

Flying in the solo version, as soon as the autopilot is released, the aircraft descends the nose, even doing calibration. This is normal?

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Yes - this is normal as when you are descending on final/short approach - Your nose is typically facing upwards or level. To add more, the way in which the calibration sets you out is on a flat horizontal line so in order for the plane to continue the descent it’ll have to push the nose down to remain on the correct vs-.

However, because there isn’t much you can do about it, just counter it in the best way you can :)


Oh Aware to procedure.

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But that only happens when I’m in visual flight and I deactivate the autopilot.

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Yeah - if you calibrate with autopilot on it’ll calibrate, but not effect the aircrafts motion.

Pouso Sensacional Aeroporto Santos Dumont Boeing 737-800 - YouTube @NoticedTime

Is that relevant to the discussion?

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Yes, yes. 👍

You can use trim to pitch the nose down which helps a ton, even works if the calibration wasn’t done correctly.

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Good point - should have added that.

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Aware!!! Thanks