Cockpit + Closeup Pictures | London Heathrow [EGLL] | 14th March, 2020

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the second part of my spotting day at Heathrow! I strongly recommend that you check out the first part if you haven’t already. You can do so here.

To get started off, here’s some of the best closeups I got throughout the day. Starting off with a British Airways B777-200ER.

A rather shiny American B777-300ER making its way down after an adventure across the pond.

Another British Airways B777-200ER on final for 27L. Can anyone point out the difference between this aircraft and the first BA triple seven? Write it down below!

Unfortunately that’s all of the closeups I got. The rest were all out of focus or some key parts of the aircraft were cut off. To make up for that, I went through through my SD card and edited a few more pictures.

This was a very rare sight to see. With so little A318s having been produced, this is was an aircraft I couldn’t miss.

The mini A350! A SWISS A220-300 arriving in from Zürich with the tiny beacon light flashing. This one’s for you, @Tsumia.

What a bright and colourful livery! The detail and colours on this A320neo are truly stunning!

Slowly but surely, we started to make our way back to terminal 5 on one of the free and very shaky busses. We got off the bus and headed straight to security. At the southern security point, a member of staff sent a small group of people, including us, down a special line away from where everyone else was. Whilst walking down I saw a sign with stating that we were going to be a part of a security trial. Once we arrived at the end of the line, I saw two new X-ray scanners and a member of staff told us to not take anything out of bags. That means that we could keep all liquids, laptops and tablets inside of our bags, so that they could test the new X-rays. Whilst our bags went through the X-rays, we had to do a full body scan. After that we were all done and could collect our bags.

I think it’s a very cool idea and it’ll shorten queuing times, but I’m still not convinced if it’s safe to keep everything in our bags.

After security, we did some shopping and grabbed a bite to eat, and soon enough it was time to board. Our flight had been called 40 minutes before boarding was scheduled to start, and when I looked at the departure board, it said that our flight was closing 20 minutes before boarding should’ve started. We made it to the gate and walked down the jetbridge onto the plane. We were greeted by a member of the cabin crew and we sat down in our seats. The flight was almost empty. The captain made an announcement once everyone was onboard and told us to stay in our seats for takeoff and landing due to the weight and balance. We pushedback early and made our way to runway 27L. Despite us being incredibly light, we did a full length departure. The gear started to lift off the ground roughly a third way down the runway. We were in the air and we started to make our way down south to Basel.

The landing was very smooth into Basel. After we parked up at the gate and the seatbelt signs were switched off, I asked a cabin crew member if I could visit the flight deck alongside with @Chris_Wing. He let us through and both pilots welcomed us in. They were friendly and very enthusiastic. The first officer asked if I’d like to sit in his seat whilst Chris say down in the captain’s seat. I showed the first officer some of my spotting pictures, including one of the aircraft we were in (G-EUPF) which I took just a couple of hours beforehand. He really liked them.

G-EUPF, the aircraft which flew us back to Basel, landing into Heathrow

He then asked if we’d like to get a picture of us in the cockpit. We of course agreed and he took some of us. We then chatted a bit about aviation and Chris mentioned our interests of us both wanting to be pilots. In the mean time I took a couple of pictures of the flight deck.

Unfortunately we could only stay in there for a couple of minutes before we had to leave. One topic we would’ve loved to have talked about with the pilots is Infinite Flight, but we didn’t have enough time to set it up and show them. Regardless of that, we said goodbye to everyone onboard and left with a smile on our faces. It was a great day and one I’ll never forget.

Thank you very much for viewing my pictures! As always feed back is greatly appreciated. Have a nice day and stay safe!


Just yes. I love this.

This one’s amazing too.

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The difference I found right away between the two BA 772s is the first is sporting the RR engines, but the second is rockin the GEs. Two different engine types!
Also, super cool pics!


Looks great… we should really work on those meetups… Zurich and Frankfurt. !

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Again, great photos! Those flightdeck shots are absolutely stunning!


As @Suhas stated, the first shot is RR Trent 800s, while the second one is using the powerful GE90s.


Smashed it! Also thank you for the kind words!


Or the engine types are different 🤔

Aha, changing your answer…😂

Is it right?

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Now it is, yes.

For the BA 777-236ER’s you can always tell by the reg too.


The other assorted BA 772’s (two of them actually)
G-ZZZA & ZZZB are the only 777-236’s in the fleet-they’re non ER and both GE powered-see them in Boston on occasion. They were 777 line numbers 6 and 10 respectively-the first two delivered to BA


These are really nice, love the cockpit switches

It seems like you forgot chromatic aberration on the AA777 and second BA777

Wow! Amazing shots, and awesome that you got to see the cockpit! It’s so purty at night.

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Wow! Beautiful pictures. Love the reflections on the AA 777… I like that Gulf Air livery too! Cool cockpit pics

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Nice cockpit shot!


I may be 3 days late, but those are great photos, that last one of the cockpit looks pretty stunning!

I saved it to my device, I’ll send you a PM if I use it in any way.

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