Cockpit Car Idea!

I didn’t see an off-topic section so we’ll go with general. I just wanted to share an idea I’ve had for years now that I’d love to do one day, wanted to see what you guys thought about it.

So ever since I got into aviation and flight simulation I’ve always had the idea that it would be awesome if someone (I’d love to but $$) stripped the console out of a car’s dash and remodeled it to appear and function very similar to an airplane cockpit.
For example, you would have switches to turn on things such as your battery (essentially your APU) and swap to your alternator once you’ve started your engine. You could have separate switches for all the different lights on your vehicle, have aviation radio dials for your regular car radio and volume. You could set up an autopilot panel to control your cruise control, install a tablet or something that you could use to run one of those IFR display apps you can get. Gear selector as flap selectors… The possibilities are endless.

I’d love to hear any input on other things that could be put on controls to make it more cockpit like, any ideas as to how one would even do something like this, or (hopefully) any examples of this actually having been done.

Idk if anyone will even find this to be as interesting of an idea as I do but if you do let’s talk about it 😅


Sounds like an awesome project for anyone even if you aren’t an av geek! This is an Infinite Flight forum though so conversation is usually about the topic of the app itself primarily over here. Maybe this is a project worth saving up for!


This is a really neat idea! This would be a really cool project if I knew my way around cars like I did planes. 😂

This has been done many times before and is a cool idea. (The image i attached is from along time ago and was from a generic internet search so no photo credits are available, it was freely accessed on the public domain. It is not pirated material.)

Car cockpit conversions would be a good small business idea.


I believe that is the idea behind the Vector W8 super car from the 90s, but it seems like a awesome idea to do to a car that’s not a multi million dollar super car 😂

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Well it isn’t a terrible idea, but it definitely compromises the realism and simulation of Infinite Flight. In order to keep this flight, I repeat, flightsimulator on top of the market for mobile devices, my answer is no. People will choose others which have unrealistic controls compared to IF before the (unlikely) change. In short, this downgrades all flight simulators, including IF and others, due to the possible move to less professional ones.

You mean gear lever? For extending/retracting the landing gear?

Well, I tend to bore my wife when she drives me around and I keep setting, then checking speeds for her, then flaps, then askin for 270° turns on highways exchangers, and so on… I obvisouly want her to reply “roger”… given this, my car is an aircraft, no need to customize it further! 😉


No, a gear selector. It’s a thing of the past now, with buttons and switches becoming vogue.


By the way, shoutout to the people that can still drive stick.


A bit like the throttle in planes? Sorry, I really don’t know anything related to cars… Haha

Yea, when you’re driving on the highway, if you want some extra power make sure to go all the way up to the “P”, standing for Power.

i am not to be held responsible for destroyed transmission


My first car dash board… ready for takeoff, with steam gauges :

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Is the 1,2,3 the reverse thrust EPR/N1? Is the D for VOR DME approaches? Why is the throttle arranged backwards? Is the R for RNAV approaches? Just asking

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What kind of car is that? Looks nice!

No, gear selector in a ground vehicle, as in Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, etc.
Just in a similar position and a similar appearance to where the flap level selector would be.

Do you require a read back on those commands?

This forum is about Infinite Flight :)