Cockpit (Captain View) Keeps freezing

Hi everyone!
I don’t know if it is just me, however, ONLY when I fly the 777-200ER every now and again the cockpit view will just freeze and then jump to where I have touched the screen about 3 minutes later! I have had this when taking off and I have tried to move the screen, and then it suddenly jolts to where ever I have tried to move the screen!! It is extremely annoying, and I have only experienced this on the new 777 update…
My device is an iPad Pro 2018! And normally runs IF on full settings no problems, gets a little bit hot when manually landing but that is natural!

Wondered if anyone else is experiencing this issue?

Thanks ✈️

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Are you using If assistant?

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Yes I was the latest time, come to think of it most of the time it does this when I have IF Assistant in the background!! It’s strange though because when the cockpit view freezes, I can still switch between camera vies to the outside of the aircraft etc? It’s not like the whole game freezes, the outside and everything still operates etc.
Thanks for the reply!

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