Cockpit camera view issues

Does anybody else get weird white lines and shapes in cockpit view? It happens in all planes and it’s quite annoying

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It happens when I’m at cruising altitude over the Ocean as Well but I will try to reinstall, thank you

I doesn’t happen to me personally. I could be a minor bug in some applications. Usually reinstalling or restarting a device does the trick :-)

Good luck

A re-install is probably not necessary, do you have a screenshot?

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@Callum_Oglesby sorry to hear you are having an issue:

What device and operating system are you using, and have you by any chance managed to capture this issue on a screenshot?

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I am using a Samsung s7 a bit old now I know, I will try and post a screenshot to show you, thanks for your feedback

If you turn up the graphics quality that would fix it I think. Though I’m not an expert.

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Do you happen to know if you have the Snapdragon (USA) or Exynos version of the device?

How would I find out?, I’m from the UK if that is any help.

I will try thanks

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Let me know if it works.

Will do, thanks

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Its fixed, I had the graphics on medium and have now switched to high, Seems to have done the trick. Thanks to all for your help and feedback much appreciated

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This shouldn’t be an issue on medium or low settings either though…

Do you know how long this has been an issue for?

Quite a while a few months at least,i tried to ignore it but got to the point where I’ve had to say something , I changed it to medium to optimise battery life as this game drains a lot of battery, but I am getting a phone upgrade in the next couple of weeks hopefully it will run better on a new device

The sane happened to me as you.

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I’m sorry to continue picking your brain, do you know if this happened after a software update? Or did you change any of the developer settings?

It’s no problem I appreciate the help, but I’m really not sure, I would guess when I changed the settings in game

Ok thanks for the help. There’s very little I can do further other than theorise as to why you have the issue, but I wouldn’t be able to fix it. You might just have to run on high settings until you get your upgrade 😐