Cockpit Camera Movement

Hey guys, I love flying the new CRJ, TBM, 737, A320, and A-10. However there is a feature that I believe is crucial that is missin.

When you are in the cockpit camera in other aircraft, 747, MD-11, DC-10, 757, 767, when there is turbulence, sudden g-force changes, and landings, the camera vibrates and moves, giving a feeling of sitting in the cockpit.

In the newer generation of aircraft in IF, this feature is missing, which is HORRIBLE especially when you are landing in an A-10 but the landing seems incredibley smooth while in reality it is -990 feet per minute

so why was this not added to newer aircraft?


Huh. You’re right. It seems the G effect is missing on the Hog…


This has already been requested and can be voted on.


That is totally different, he is reffering to the g-force effects on the human body itself, what ai am reffering to is the effects on the camera, which was removed

Also this is the same as one you posted before.


Yes, because that one was closed since no one knew the answer.

What was the question?

Why was this feature not added to newer aircraft

The reason why this is now broken is because the new planes use a new camera type that is derived from the OnBoard cameras, which do not currently support this feature. We will work on adding it in the future.

(This is a quote from someone i know…)


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