Cockpit Cam Unresponsive

I am currently en route on the Training Server from LPPT-KIAD in a United Continental 752 and I was using LiveFlightConnect to switch between cameras, mainly looking at the normal cam and the cockpit cam. I was also using shift+arrow keys to move it around. After a bunch of times checking between the two cams, the cockpit cam froze in place. The flight didn’t freeze, the phone didn’t freeze, just the cam. I can still see it bouncing in the turbulence. I went to systems to see if turning off the Heads-Up-Display (HUS) would work, but it didn’t. I switched to Normal cam and was able to move it around both with LFC and my fingers on the phone. I checked all of the other movable cams, and they worked. I even checked the Captain (No VC) view and it was able to move around. The problem is persistent with only the cockpit cam (aka the Captain). Before you speculate, I am not on the HUD cam. Just the camera view with the cockpit.

Well, I just resolved it. I went to settings and turned on show touches and it worked upon trying after that. I turned off show touches and it still worked. I do want to know what caused this.

Now there is a glitch where the rudder pedals won’t show up (unless there aren’t any.)

One time things are unfortunately super tricky to figure out the cause of. If you are able to reproduce the issue, it would definitely be something interesting to look into though.

LF Connect most likely plays a part in all of this though.

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I’ll keep you updated

Do you have if assistant?


I have the shaky landing cam turned off.

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