Cockpit/Cabin photoshop view collection!

Hello people!

So I decided now I like photoshopping, to photoshop some cool places and then merge them with Cockpit/Cabin views. All photos taken on solo, and all flights ended in the world. Nothing else to say really. Oh also you can expect some bad quality/photoshopped images (sorry I not that good!!!)

Picture #1

Taken near ENSB, with the cockpit view of being aurora lights!

Picture #2

Airbus A320 Alaska airlines doing low pass in Los Angeles! (no don’t worry it won’t crash into downtown ok)

Picture #3

A 772 British Airways on final to Heathrow’s 27L (I think)! (Or we be going around if the plane ahead fails to exit the runway on time)

Pictures #4 and 5

Turning in the TBM over the Grand Canyon!

And a cabin wing view!

Pictures #6 and 7

Left side cockpit view climbing over the Alps!!

And a final cabin window view banking!

All pictures edited using Adobe’s Photoshop Mix | Adobe’s PS Express | Adobe’s Lightroom


Wow those are really cool !!

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These are amazing edits! Great job!

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I like picture 2!

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Pic 3 is the best, hands down. Love the clever merging of IRL and IF

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Goodness me. Those are STUNNING!!!

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thanks much very!!!

yay thanks!!1

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Thanks, agree with that, love night skies

@BadPlane thanks, also agree!

thank @Tsumia very much!!!1

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Pic 2, I like that night city edit

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Thanks sir!

Picture Number 2 is absolutely spot on! The rest of the collection will need some work here and there but no.2 is jaw dropping!

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Oh my!

These are just, there just:

mooooooooooooooooooooo !

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thank for feedback and yes no. 2 is favourite! Love city lights!!!




Amazing job with those edits! Really nice :)

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Awesome photos 🤩🤩 these are awesome!

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Thanks!! @Infinite_Flight_Sims and @Armani_B!!!