Cockpit/cabin lights on the A320

I was wondering, I saw pictures of IF A320s and saw how they had cabin lights on and the cockpit had instrumental lights on. How do I turn them on?

The A320 family has them default so do other recently updated aircraft! Not all aircraft have it though :/

Just go to night, sunrise, or sunset mode and you’ll see them “illuminate”.

You need to change your settings to high or very high.

Go to the main menu, (not in game) click the gear in the top left corner, go to the graphics tab, and set airplane details to high or very high. :)


Make sure your graphics are on high …


Using high or very high graphics settings will slow your device down and ruin your IF experience, depending on your phone or tablet. If you experience lag, just bring the graphics settings back down. On most modern devices, you will be fine!

Got to love the iPad Pro.

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