Cockpit appears Smokey

Operating system:
IPhone 11 Pro Max

IOS 16.2

The cockpit at night, looks like it’s full of smoke and just hazy.

I’m not sure you can really tell from the photo if you put the brightness up. Was just wondering if this was a known issue, or how it can be fixed? Thank you.

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I think the cockpit’s always been like this. It might have something to do with the cloud line outside, but I’m fairly certain this is normal

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I don’t believe this is an issue. It might just look like that depending on the time at night.

Uh oh, smoke! Its a fire!


This is normal, happens when flying through the cloud line, at sunrise or sunset, dark skies and sometimes when flying in low or high lighting.

Squawk 7700

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This makes me remember the UPS6 crash

I have noticed a similar issue since 22.8 where the light rings appear more defined. This is visible on the cockpit cam and external cameras. This makes the cockpit look a bit cloudy / hazy. I’m not sure if this is the same issue that you are reporting.

Yeah, seems about right. I know it was not the best Night quality before the update, but now I really noticed it, and makes it hard to want to fly at night.

It’s not just the cockpit, there’s this weird glitchy formation of fog during night time. Impossible to fly at night after the update

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