Cockatoo Aviation - Promote your project today!

Hi all,
I have been recently thinking about making a new “project”
The thing about this organisation is that you can go to it and say “Hi, can you make a event for me/ my VA, thanks” or “Hi, could you make a YouTube video to promote my VA / Event series / Other. You are probably thinking. “This is exactly like plane & pilot. Yes it is, but it is for a good reason. Many people can’t attend their events because it is too early/ too late for them to attend the events. My events will be about 4 hours later for those who can’t make it. I am not trying to be competitive with them, I’m just for people who can’t make it/ want a different organisation. My product of this is:

Cockatoo Aviation - Promote your project today!

As well as this, anyone can become staff. (Have to take a simple test via PM)

Mission Statement

My mission statement is to help people with their own IF projects or VA’s and help promote them.


We will also have our own special events that will be our icon. These will be:
Capture the Airport, Touch and go madness and Scenic Scene. We will also take in ideas for events and will say when making the topic:
(Thanks to @XXXXX for the idea!)
You will contact us via PM


When making a video, I need a little script to say what happens in the video so it can be just the way you want it. You will send me this via pm. (I may not put it in a video though,) It will be completed and on YouTube by the end of that weekend.
The channel is:


If you want me to do something that is not to do with YouTube or Events, feel free to pm us.



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Website: None to avoid non - community members from spamming us with emails.

Tell me what you think.
If this is in the wrong category, Just move it, it


Sorry just had to catch you out there 😏😉


The next event will be in two weeks time just to let you know.

need a poll.
Is this a…

  • Good Idea
  • Bad Idea

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This seems pretty cool. Good luck!

If you need a poll to decide whether it is a good idea or not, then I’m not confident you have the commitment to make it work for a long time.

Also you technically need IFVARB certification for this (Casual will do fine.) P+P is a listed example of this.


To those who said it was a bad idea, please say why, I will improve it to your expectations.

1: you are not IFVARB approved

2: There is no need for another events VA IMO

3: You do not have a website (probably should)

And plus didn’t @schyllberg close this?

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We’ll go with that. :)