Cobham Aviation Services - Embraer 190-100LR

Cobham Aviation Services Australia (formerly National Jet Systems), is a scheduled and charter and aviation services provider with its headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia.

Would be great to have this nice livery, feature on the 190.

Nice feature request. Only One Picture per request.

Bump! Most needed for the ERJ rework!

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Would absolutely love to see this with the E190 rework!

Hey, I think the second photo is for the source of the picture (they’re both the same picture)

Also I was spotting at YPPH and saw a few of these and I think it would be great to have this in IF, it would open up regional Australia to IF.

So, doesn’t matter.

I think it does because that’s the source and it just so happens that there is a small preview in the source box

This would be cool flying around in/out of Perth (YPPH)

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Yeah, doing some miner fly in/fly out style flights to airports like YPKG and stuff

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Ok, So now I have no idea what you are talking about.

You see the small picture in the box with the link under the big picture? That’s the source and the small picture is just a preview of the source. Also you posted a picture that has the same source box under the main picture. If I’m mistaken and the second picture was removed before I saw it, then in that case, I’m wrong.

Yes, the second picture was removed due tp rules. The embedded box is just the link embedded, the system just does that automatically.

Oh ok, I’ve got it