Cobalt CO50 Valkyrie

Hello people of the Forums, here I am with a feature request, again. This time it is the CO50 Valkyrie. This plane is not unfortunately able to deliver to real life customers just yet very very soon guys, in about a year. This plane is a glass cockpit and capable of holding 4 people, including the pilot. It is a very streamlined design, it has 1 propeller in the rear of the plane and has a canard. It is a beautiful design and will be the fastest GA plane upon completion, with a top speed of 260 KTS. Now, picture having this gorgeous plane in infinite flight, a jet like propeller plane taking off from small airports, or large ones, drawing eyes upon its magnificence. this would be spectacular to have in IF and I think all of you could agree. This plane is manufactured by Cobalt. http://www.cobalt-aircraft.comimage


@Thomas_Galvin … Max Sez with all respect Tom. This million dollar 4 place French boondoggle that had to move from the EU to Frisco does not fit my ideal GA footprint nor would this ugly little pimple on the Popular Science silly list fit smartly into the IF popular inventory. Me, 0 Stars, 0💔 and a👇🏿👇🏿 👇🏿


I actually personally know the CEO of Cobalt, I’ll be sure to send him your thoughts ;-)


I’d love to see it in IF as well some day :)


You can post 1 picture.

Please keep all you have to say it one post, thanks! (Oh my word! I just told of a mod!)


@matt. Max Sez. Please give your friend my compliments as well and hope to see him sell one or two to the elites am sure you can afford one after the IF killing. Do add it to the inventory, it can sit with the other GA on rotting row.

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You just told off a developer lol. Please do send him my regards Matt, it’s such a beautiful plane, I would love to fly it one day!

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Beautiful plane. Not many general aviation aircraft top the SR22 and the Cessna TTx looks wise, but this is in another league. Those intricate shapes and curves you can get from composites are second to none. Gorgeous!

It might be the angle but the wheels and tyres do look very small?

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They do kind of look small lol

I think it looks rather fun! Be nice to add to the GA line up!

It would be SO fun! It is a super sharp looking plane, would make an effort to fly it every day, lol.

Is it a great plane? Yes.
Should it come to IF? Yes.
Is it the proper GA that some of us crave? No.

Still, I would fly it.


Ahh, dreaming about flying this in IF one day. Such a beauty!

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Well dang, this is one sweet aircraft!

The picture doesn’t do it justice! Be sure to check out the website.

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whoa that has to be the sexiest aircraft ive ever seen


Right! It has the sexiest stats too. Lol. Fastest single engine prop plane. :) great gas mileage and some of the best saftey in the industry. (The Cirrus parachute thing)


@MaxSez: The CO50 is a novelty for the rich & famous! You park it beside your Bentley and get your pic took for Town & Country. If it comes to IF I and a few more will understand the “Statement”.

Haha it’s a modern vari eze 😂 Gotta love that thing

Compared to other planes it really isn’t that expensive. Especially with all the stuff the plane offers. Tons of cargo space, best view in any GA plane, speed, distance, can carry quite a few people (5) plus safety is great on it too. The canard prevents stalls, and the engine in the back makes it hardly sound like anything. If you want to see everything check out the link in the main post :).

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