Cobalt air to Stop flying

Almost two weeks after Primera Air Also Cobalt Air Bankruptcy The company operates flights in
Europe and the Middle East Cobalt Air is a Cyprus company Was established in 2016 The company has 2 A319 and 4 A320


Sad, It truly is a ruthless industry. So many airlines ceasing operations and in financial crisis, It’s quite sad.


Not even 3 years old… :[

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So sad to see another airline go, they had a nice livery as well.

What was the reason anyone know?

The company had debts of millions of dollars

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This year has been terrible in terms of accidents, and airline closure, so sad to see the ruthless airline industry tearing apart airlines, but hopefully, this means other airlines can expand.


This is a sad sight to see. Within the last year, we’ve seen so many airlines cease operations.

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Wow, I didn’t see this coming. It truly is very unfortunate to see all these awesome airlines leave the world of flight, You Will Always Be Remembered, Cobalt Air. ✈️

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Holy, this year is terrible for the aviation industry, multiple airline closures, the number of incidents. All we can hope is that 2019 will be more like 2017.


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