Coasties to upgrade the MH-65D to the MH-65E!

The United States Coast Guard has announce plans to upgrade the MH65D models to the newer E Models. The E Models will have advance digital cockpits. The MH65 is a twin engine helicopter used for MEDEVAC and SAR. Primarily the US Coast Guard uses it for SAR. The Upgrades are known as, Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS) which is already in use on the USCG’s Sikorsky MH-60Ts
Most visibly, the upgrade will enhance the MH-65 cockpit with four large multi-function displays (MFDs), incorporating new features and tools to enhance pilots’ situational awareness and support their demanding missions. The upgrade will also meet the Federal Aviation Administration’s standards for area navigation, allowing Coast Guard Dolphins to safely operate within congested civil airspace without sacrificing the efficiency of their missions.
All 98 MH65Ds will be converted to the E Model

(The CAAS upgrade)


The instruments look absolutely beautiful on the new one!


I don’t know much about helicopters, but that looks like one hell of an upgrade!

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It is, this is the current cockpit. So going from steam gauges to a full glass cockpit is HUGE



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