Coast Hopping


My Aircraft: 737-900ER Virgin x Alaska livery. On Training Server.

Taxi to meetup with @GlobalFlyer1, @Butter_Boi, and @Mr-plane-guy1

V1, Rotate

Some nice mountain flying

Catching up to @Mr-plane-guy1 for some formation flying

almost Parallel Approach into KSJC

Parallel Landing on Runways 30 with @Butter_Boi taxiing

Some nice gate shots

All photos unedited. Do not repost without permission
© Starz Aviation

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I hate to be that person, but only ten photos per topic ;)

Other than that awesome pictures, hope you had a nice flight!

rip forgot about that, will remove 2

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The 747 in the sixth picture though😂


Haha, the VC-25 was a troll, originally spamming us with on guard from Approach until he switched to the VC and parked in us. Luckily the replay got enough footage for the pictures

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Great shots, I’ll go take a look at the replay tomorrow too! Just went to see Woody Sez (a play).


Didn’t you love approach!

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Great pics! That was a good flight @anon41771314!
Though I buttered my landing and the VC-25 drove into me on touchdown. 😬

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