Coast Guard Unexpected Low Pass 3S7

Hello, IFC!

This morning, I went for a little jog. I ran randomly, turning at random intersections, trying to clock in 7 miles… until I reach what seems to be an airport!

I immediately whip out my phone and start taking some pictures, roaming around the deserted airstrip!
Here you are:

Runway 33

Runway 15

Also runway 15

The pilot box

@DeerCrusher please don’t crush this one he’s a very polite fella and only hatched pellets on the grass, not the runway :)

Some aesthetic pictures i tried :)

As i was about to leave , I heard a rumbling

It got louder and louder, and i saw a US Coast Guard helicopter flying about 20 feet above the runway, coming towards me.
The airport that was once deserted was now one of the best aviation experiences i’ve ever had!

I only had my phone, as i was planning to only jog, but at least i was able to capture the moment!

If you can only see the video, then great.
If you can see all of my files, please let me know, I’ve never done a drive link share before :)

Anyways thank you!

Have a great day!

Great airport! 10/10 would trespass again!


P.s. if the quality of the edits is bad, I apologize. I do not currently have access to my PC.


That’s actually a lovely picture with the deer on the runway. Nice photos!


Great photos! Love the look of the wet runway and the sky!


Great photos! Where is this @Robertine?


Not when it’s laying dead because you hit it. 😜

Fantastic photos, @Robertine!


Wow, that must be really cool to stumble upon an airport!
May I ask where your run originated from, since this airport is a long way away from your home town of Seattle haha!

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Maybe the Coast Gaurd came to see who the random jogger was on the runway and saw that you were filming and flew away 😂 but great pictures hope to see more of them :)


This is 3S7 (Oregon)

I originated from a hotel where i am for a week

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Thats actually one of my thoughts as i was there for a good 30 mins

Do it again and then see if they come again haha. Are there any taxiways or parkings there? Just saw the rwy in your pics

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Yes, there is a very small gravel taxiway and a few grass ramps but those were muddy snd my shoes weren’t right for them but here sre a few pics where you can see the rest of the airport;

Me: goes to an airport
USCG: go away or i will scare you off with my big scary helicopter

Me: goes to the airport again but brings a camera this time to spot the USCG



That’s a pretty cool airfield though! You’re pics are great!

Is there anyone at the airfield like a reception or anything or just dead quiet?

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Wow. Thats… AMAZING! I want to go explore this place myself. I wonder if I can fly in here next time I’m in Seattle

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I think that there are a few Washington and Oregon airfields like this, completely uncontrolled with just a runway and some grass parking spots.


The airport was dead empty…

This is what it looks like from google maps:

@Alec yes its really cool but a good 5 hour drive from seattle so maybe go to PDX if you want to see it :)


Also just realized, the second entry on the book, “It’s coooooold” XD

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Awesome Pictures 😍 some are almost wallpaper worth. love them… the Scenery is cool and the Mood seems kinda mystic. noce Catch… also the one with the Deer has to be my Favourite

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Yes lol

There was a second page too where someone wrote:

Rain rain go away come again another day

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Thank you so much!

If that was politeness, thank you, but if you really want to use some as a wallpaper, feel free :)