CO99’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

Hi all

I’m back to developing my ATC abilities and I recently passed the IFATC written test so I am now one step closer, Just need to refine those edges! I’d appreciate any feedback and support

I will service a variety of multiple and single runway airports but either way I will remain active for the following times as a minimum

Class B - 1hr
Class C - 30min

Very much open to constructive feedback, either here or in a PM

Thanks in advance!

(I have contacted a mod to close my previous thread as no longer able to edit)

Tower and Ground open at East Midlands Airport

Airport: EGNX
Class: Bravo
Runway in use: 27
Wind: 290 @ 8kts
Common Airlines: Jet2, Ryan Air, Flybe

Will join in a minute, need to do some stuff before I can join.

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Will now join, my callsign is N687HS and username is Humars.

Edit: May or may not be able to join depending on connection. Is the session still on or is it closed?

Edit 2: Nevermind, find out it was closed. However , I will continue to watch this tracking thread and join when I can.

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Tower and Ground open at Bergen Flesland Airport

Airport: ENBR
Class: Bravo
Runway in use: 35
Wind: 320° @ 14kts
Common Airlines: Norwegian, SAS

May or may not join back, depending on how long it will take me to do my thing and if the session is still going. I’ll post your feedback once you’ve finished. 😀

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DW4NE apologies transition option on ATC command dissapeared initially and was not reselectable, thanks for resending!

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Hey no worries, happens to me while i’m controlling as well😂 if it ever happens just reply with “i’m sorry” and then “say intentions” to the pilot and they’ll understand and send again.


  1. Try to pick an airport with parallel runways so that you can work on runway changes as well. For the IFATC practical, the trainers will have you open at an airport with 2 parallel runways. Mine for example was KSSC.

Other than that, i saw no problem in controlling


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Thanks buddy appreciate you stopping by and yep will be doing some parallel runways soon 👍 Hopefully see you again

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As above pick airport worth at least two runways. When I requested take - off there was an aircraft on short final… If you are not going to clear me you must issue hold short command. Other than that it was fine. Best wishes

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Here is my general feedback:


You did very good, you knew all the standard procedures and responded to requests wonderfully!


Can’t find any yet. But, could you say why I needed to descent to pattern altitude? I was already at 2,500ft which is the pattern altitude for the rings I was in, just wondering.

@Michael_O_Sullivan Thanks for the feedback and for stopping by, appreciate it

@Humars appreciate the time buddy, i believe pattern altitude for jets is 1,500ft AGL? Happy to be corrected though so i get it right!

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You are correct :)

@Humars the rings depict airspace, not pattern altitude. Keep in mind that pattern altitude is 1000 for props and 1500 for jets ;)

Oh alright, thanks for the confirmation, I was about to get confused :/. Is there any calculation that needs to be done to calculate the pattern altitude or is it just by default 1,500ft for jets and 1,000ft for props?


Just add the airport elevation to the pattern altitude and you’re good to go :)


Check Airport elevation then add 1,500ft for jets or 1,000ft for props - so if airport is 300ft then pattern would be 1,800ft


Now, sorry if I’m acting stupid but how can I get the airport elevation altitude?

Tap on the airport on the map, and it should say the elevation right after the airport code

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Oh alright, your help is very appericated TaipeiGuru . CO99, apologizes for my mistake, I’m somehow learning more things as I’ve participated in some tracking threads (only 2).


No worries, that’s what the IFC is for!

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