CO99’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ LTAC

Hi all

I’m working on developing my ATC knowledge and experience with the aim of meeting the requirements to start the IFATC Recruitment process in the coming months - so I would really appreciate any feedback to help me achieve that and (hopefully) help control the skies at Expert level

I’ll try to service a variety of airports but will remain active for the following times

Class B - 1hr
Class C - 30min

Very much open to constructive feedback, either here or in a PM

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Tower and Ground is open at Casablanca International for arrivals, departures and pattern work

Airport: GMMN
Departing: 35R
Arrivals: 35L & 35R
Wind: Wind variable 2kt

Coming out now!

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Heya. Teal 2507 here. Thanks. Everything was very good.
I’m Sorry for beeing sooo slowly on the landing. But i think Dani wanted to enforce a go around and i helped with the evil plan ^^

It was very fun. Thank you.


Ya know, i had a feeling… lol

Thanks all, really enjoyed that

Hey! Very good job!

You call me “go around” on time.
Good sequences and clearances.
Good pattern instruccions.

Everything was good.
Thanks for the patterns and hope to see you soon. EC-438.

(And thanks @NeoPauliMittwoch for sitting on runway on purpose😬)


Tower and Ground is open at Riga International for arrivals, departures and pattern work

Airport: EVRA
Departing: 18
Arrivals: 18
Wind 260° 7kt, varying from 210° to 010°

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Thanks for the patterns @NeoPauliMittwoch and @hugo_wallin - appreciated!


Unfortunately I only made 2 patterns but from what I experienced it was good, One thing though is that when requested frequency change for take off you had already instructed me to do it and the duplicate frequency change command I located in misc messages.

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Heya, thank you, too.

Here’s my feedback. You’re pretty trained in giving clearance and patterns. (I knew that cause of yesterday). I tested some other stuff ^^

  1. Transition altitude: riga is at 34 ft. And has an sfc to 2500. So everything above is not your airspace. Transition would be about 2000/2500 but u requested a higher altitude. :)
  2. I taxied slowly through grass ( i thought this would be a moment to call " do not taxi through gras") ^^
  3. I was annoying again and taxied right to the bigger plane which was ready to taxi. I was really close to him and ignored the taxiwaylines. There are option to complain about that like “spacing” sth. and “use taxiline” or sth like that. so i want to cheer u to check all ground commands. When you’re doing ground solo on a busy airport these commands can be very helpful. (Edit: you saw that really early and told him to hold position. That was very good)
  4. Good commands handling 2 aircrafts running into each other. Hold position was on accurate time.
  5. The wow air stopped with the nose and front gear beyond the holding short line. But he was not cleared to enter the runway ^^ (he was very slow… i would be impatisnt and toöd him to expedite… it was a smaller airbus… no need to taxi with 2-4kts ^^)

I hope i could give you some useful tipps from my view as an IFATC applicant. :D

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Thanks for popping by again dude

Yup i recognised that soon as i hit 3,500 😁 but you had started the climb already - one of those ‘arggh’ moments

I saw, was a little shocked, but yes grass is not a taxiway and isn’t good for passenger comfort

There’s a pattern developing here… 😂 Yes i saw the odd taxi behaviour so Whizz got a hold position until i could fathom out what you were doing, i dont think its a ‘spacing’ though? How do IFATC enforce following taxiway lines?

Missed that, no excuse as there was minimal traffic

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Tower and Ground is open at Baghdad International for arrivals, departures and pattern work

Airport: ORBI
Departing: 15L & 15R
Arrivals: 15L & 15R
Wind 130° 24kt, Gusting 34kt

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I’m on my way

Thanks @NeoPauliMittwoch and @hugo_wallin


Tower and Ground is open at Birmingham International for arrivals, departures and pattern work

Airport: EGBB
Departing: 33
Arrivals: 33
Wind 320° at 9kt

Tower and Ground is open at Dusseldorf for arrivals, departures and pattern work

Airport: EDDL
Departing: 05R
Arrivals: 05L
Wind 20° at 10kt

Everything was on point again. Even the instruction with exiting the runway included the crossing permission. Question here from me: wasnt there an option for the ground to say “already instructed to cross runway?” I thought it would be an option, when tower already instructed to do so.

P.S. i hope u dont start rolling eyes when you read 2507 (the trolling guy), i thought as i am the only one i ask whatever i can ask ^^)

Haha no not at all, thanks for stopping by. Yes there is an already cleared to cross, apologies i was taking note of the tool in the F22 so just issued another cross runway

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EDDL now closed, Thanks all

Tower and Ground is open at Da Nang for arrivals, departures and pattern work

Airport: VVDN
Departing: 17L & 17R
Arrivals: 17L & 17R
Wind Variable at 2kt