CO68 Runway 30

I spawned at 30 with my Cessna and accidentally had too much load in the airplane to take off with the runway length.

So reset by going into the menu option and selecting Takeoff. After I respawned for takeoff, my Cessna tipped to the side and fell through the ground, tumbled a bit down the cliff before finally crashing. At least on my device, this was repeatable.

iPhone 6+, iOS 8


And for those that like to take this off topic to discuss why brakes and flaps weren’t engaged, it’s because I was going to set them up had I not fallen through the ground. The 100% throttle was a measly attempt at slowing the fall


Wow that’s funny, but it should be fixed.

I love the way the power is at 100% as if you were trying to use the C208’s thrust to climb the mountain😀.

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Wouldn’t work (of course) but one can dream!

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This happens to me too.

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In witch regeon lies that aiport?

Should be Denver. @carmalonso does this have to do with airport height? I don’t think we have access to any of these class Echo airports.

Denver region

Ok thank you boeing 707