Co-Pilot Role

Hey everyone! My feature request is for players on multiplayer to request to be someone’s co-pilot. It would work as so below:


You would look on the map when selecting a gate, tap on a plane, and have a “co-pilot button”

How it works

The pilot would get a notification that someone is requesting to be their co-pilot. If the pilot approves, the co-pilot then spawns in co-pilot view in the same plane as the captain. The co-pilot would have the same controls as captain, but if the captain is controlling something (eg. speed) the co-pilot cannot control that. So they can communicate, they can either use IFC or a “chat” feature which would be like the ATC feature where you select messages. (These messages include: Let’s increase/decrease our alt/speed Captain, let’s tune into ATC, etc.)

Let me know what you guys think!

Hello, I think you’re request is a little too similar to this…


Good point.

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Possible problem is it can decrease the number of flyers.

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