Co founder of Garmin passes away

Gary Burrell, co-founder of Garmin in 1989 with Dr. Min Kao, passed June 12, 2019. He was 81.

Garmin CEO Cliff Pemble says, "While Gary will be remembered by many as one of the great entrepreneurs of our age, I will remember the unusual way in which he led our company, something he called servant leadership.”

“Whether it was about creating the best product or his behavior as a leader, Gary always considered the impact to others before himself. His example not only inspired my contribution to Garmin, it also positively influenced me as a husband and father. I am forever grateful for the rich and enduring legacy of Gary Burrell,” Pemble adds.

Burrell founded Garmin in 1989 to make navigation devices for aviation and boating using the Global Positioning System.
Their original office was two folding chairs and a card table. Some U.S. servicemen used Garmin GPS during the first Gulf War more precisely, the US war with Iraq, even though Garmin never had a military contract. Later on, the technology was expanded for the U.S. market, providing directions across all United States roads and highways.



May he rest in peace


Rest in Peace… :(


Great Guy, Great Company. Rest In Peace 😔.

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May he have a peaceful rest.


Oh no! So sad. He’s done so much to the aviation world with Garmin. Rest In Peace.


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