CNN: What passenger planes might look like in 2068.

Just read this, thought I’d share

Edited: helps if I put link in :-)


Hey it would be great if you could put the link in the actual post :)

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Put the link in a message, it will make it easier to acces. :)

Could you link the article in the actual post instead of just the title?
Probably just a mistake… looks like it might be an interesting read.

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Could you please elaborate by adding more substance to your post? This sounds like an interesting article but with no explanation from you, it’s hard to understand exactly what it’s about. Maybe explain part of the article in your post?

A simple explanation (like the one below) will do the job.



Awe thanks Ben!

As ben said good sir, a nice little explanation in your own words or paraphrased from the text including your own thoughts on it makes the post more enjoyable for everyone.

Ugh, well like it says it’s about possible future aircraft, the title kinda self explanatory

I just saw square windows on the inside of that plane. Didn’t they learn from the Comet?

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