CNN states contrails as an major issue for pollution caused by aviation

Ice clouds apparently block sunlight and heat resulting in increase global warming. I am pretty confused actually about this

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Could you elaborate a bit more? Just posting a link isn’t enough.


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Second, please add a bit of your own insight to the article rather than just linking an article.

Third, if this is a “chemtrail” article, I’m going to lose my mind.


No it’s a contrail, it’s about ice clouds that stop sunlight and increase the global warming and the fuel stays in the air

Good. Chemtrails are a erroneous lie fabricated by paranoid people.

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As we all know, CNN spins the news in their laundry room

In my opinion, planes themselves cannot hurt the environment too badly.

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Very interesting but as they say, METARs would need some sort of cointail detection.

But for the fuel consumption thing I’m really not sure. 0.1% between what and what?

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