CNN and aviation

Sure that at least some of the avgeeks here are aware of CNNs poor aviation reporting. After seeig this:

Foes anyone want to tell them to stop with this? Make realistic/well understood titles (Let’s start with the title then move to the article) or stop reporting aviation at all?

Frustrating seeing these terms “Scary landing” when discussing crosswind landings. If their correspondents knew something about aircraft and watched a landing or two… It’s a crosswind landing, which by the way is performed at an angle versus being sideways.


If you got his email we can send this to him. This might help him a bit. ;)


They added this on the site though on Sept 26 12:13pm EST

An Airbus A380 pilot fought strong crosswinds and made an incredible landing at Dusseldorf airport.

Even better this:,d.dmo

I am always hesitant to talk with non-avgeeks about aviation, and especially aviation safety, because the public’s perception of the industry and the actual facts, are very different. Landings are always thought of as a life-or-death situation, and even though landings may be stressful for pilots, there is no reason to think you will die or have to perform an emergency evac in or after a crosswind landing.

Then factor in the “Did you know Vietnam Airlines cancelled their order for the A380?” BS and well… even less reason to discuss with non-avgeeks *rolls eyes*.

image Heavy sigh.

i was telling my friend that when i got the notification the other day.