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Hello guys! I just started ground and tower training and I really want to improve my skills! I would appreciate any and all feedback you have for me! My goal is to be a strong member of our radar team at IFATC and your participation will help a lot.



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Feedback: VH-LEO

  • After you establish a pattern direction in your takeoff clearance (either left or right traffic), there is no need to establish it again in your option clearance. With your first option clearance you told me to make left traffic again which was unnecessary, just a clearance and nothing else would suffice. However, this was the only time you made this mistake so I’m sure you will get the hang of it very quickly.

  • You should try and give clearances as early as possible. You don’t need to wait until I’m on my downwind or base leg to issue a clearance. You can issue them as soon as I leave the ground. Doing this will lessen your workload when it comes to higher volumes of traffic which you will see in your training sessions and practical.

  • The right downwind pattern entry for 11R was unnecessary. Especially in situations like you were just in, with one plane in the pattern and a pair of parallel runways, it’s best to leave the traffic on the same runway it took off from. Unless you’re dealing with traffic at KLAX, for example, and you want them doing patterns on the left-most runway (25L) to get them out of the way of outbound and inbound planes, it’s best to leave planes on the same runway unless they specifically ask for a runway change. This leads into my next point.

  • When I requested a runway change from 11R to 11L, you gave a pattern entry, which was correct, but it could’ve been done better. Instead of telling me to enter right downwind for 11L, you should have told me to enter left downwind. Again, once you start dealing with more traffic, you don’t want a plane crossing in front of another plane that’s on final just for it to get to the runway parallel. You also don’t want to get confused where you have multiple planes doing right traffic, but some are landing on the left runway. While the pattern entry was correct, it should’ve been a left downwind not a right one. A key rule is to always have planes doing left traffic patterns on the left-most runway (11L) and have planes doing right traffic patterns on the right-most runway (11R).

  • Lastly, you issued the runway exit too early. Ideally, you would want the runway exits to be given between 70 and 80 knots ground speed for turbojet-powered planes, such as the B737 or A320 families, and between 40 and 50 knots ground speed for prop-powered planes such as the TBM and Cessna 172s.

I’d recommend having a watch of the video below that Tyler made to get some clarity on a few things:

From what I could see during that small session, you are in a good position. Once you start to get into your training, your trainer will help you smooth out those creases like clearances, left/right traffic, and runway changes.

Hope this feedback helped and I wish you well on your journey to becoming an IFATC!


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wow, thank you very much for the tips and teachings… I’ll be more attentive and try to put into practice all the tips you gave me… you can be sure it was of great importance to me… once again, thank you very much and you I hope next time!!!

you can leave it… I’ll try to do a little more today… you can leave it when I enter I’ll change it to open!!!

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It’s not entirely necessary though, I give planes the exit runway command when they’ve touched down, it reduces your workload a lot when it’s busy. I am aware that the ATC manual tells us that you’re supposed to tell an aircraft to exit the runway when they are at a “safe speed” but this is my strategy and I’ve done it during my training and practical without getting any comments on it.


Hello Balacachini, thanks for that information about how to pattern work traffic at an active airport. Also I have seen that you got your qualifications as an IFATC congrats. Wish you were active at Sydney a bit earlier but great job non the less.

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Letsgo friends

atc to train for test

atc to train for test thank you if you can help

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Good job! Nice correction on my inbound (pattern entry, then clearance). Good luck mate!


thank you so much

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