CMB Callsign? Military Cargo FedEx MD-11F (U.S Transport Command)

Today, we had a FedEx Express MD-11F Come in from KMMT into our airport here in Manchester, NH.

It was very hard to track this flight, and I only found out yesterday while randomly scrolling through Scheduled Departures. I wondered why this airplane was heading to Cologne, Germany, and Apparently it was for Military.

It is a Unicorn (Unicorn = EXTREMELY RARE/HARD TO FIND) to spot something like this at our airport

I Tried my best to follow it. I even alerted my friend Tom, who went to the airport to snag a quick picture. Trust me, it was VERY hard to follow. My friend Tom tried to also follow, and at the last second, saw the plane come in at the very last second. He had his camera, but couldn’t get it on time, so he had to use his iPhone.

He is the only MHT spotter by far to have spotted this FedEx MD-11F Fly into MHT for a Military Cargo Charter

This was the Scheduled Departure:
5:29pm EDT

FedEx MD-11F on Final. Credit to my Friend Tom for this photo

My Friend managed to snag a picture of it landing. I was actually about to go to the airport, as it was originally scheduled for a 6pm departure. Unfortunately, It departed 30 minutes earlier. I planned on leaving home to go see it depart at 6pm. Things happen you know, I really was a bit sad since it was a once in a life time thing to see an MD-11F go international from our airport. It’s very uncommon for commercial planes, especially cargo airliners, to fly International Routes from our airport.

Currently, the Airplane is somewhere over the Atlantic. Possibly nearing the UK

Update: Nearing Cologne, Germany

Update 2: Landed in Cologne, Germany at 12:02am EDT


That’s interesting…

I’m very curious to know why it made a stop into our airport. But I’m glad it did. I wish I went earlier though…

Our Airport does have U.S Customs, but not in the Terminal, it’s at Signature, an FBO.

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Must be carrying some type of military cargo. Could only guess what that could be.


Really? The military charter is carrying military cargo? 😂

Never could have guessed… 😂

Seriously though wonder what though, since when did FedEx start doing mil charters…


I found this article

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Interesting. Looks like UPS was given the same contract. Maybe we’ll be able to spot a few UPS aircraft with military callsigns as well.


Found it! It’s near the UK.


Just about nearing EDDK

Landed in Cologne. 12:02am EDT time. FlightAware still shows as en route, but the plane has already landed in EDDK

Interesting, I like watching military aircraft!

I’m right by hanscom airfield right now so I see plenty

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They fly under that callsign when flying for the DOD. Atlas does the same thing. You don’t see it a lot though.


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