CLT new and improved airport terminal

CLT just opened its new concourse A a few months ago and it looks amazing. It gives CLT so many more gates for the “other” airlines. This is one of American’s biggest hubs and the improvements are long overdue. I hope to see the added concourse be brought into Infinite Flight at some point in the future. I have attached the link for all the other improvements that will be added to CLT. They are also talking about adding a fourth runway in the future. What do you guys think about all these improvements?

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Hey, I’m sure the airport editors will get around to adding it to Infinite Flight whenever the satellite imagery is available.

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That terminal looks kinda small

its just a new addition onto the existing Concourse A

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thank you, im trying

It’s already completed. The entire airport was also overhauled. You’ll see the changes in Infinite Flight soon. :)

Credits to @brunocr98.


Definitely going to fly MHT-CLT to park at the new terminal

Looks great, long time coming for the full taxiway Delta to be added. Never the less, great to see. Was in the new A North over the summer, looks amazing inside.

Just a small observation: the new part of terminal A appeared outdated in the imagery compared to the charts I used to edit it. It may not be the same as IRL, I had to use the charts as reference for that area. Once the area is updated by Google then I’ll make the fixes. The good thing is that the airport was renovated, as Nathan mentioned above.

CLT has quite a bit of construction going on with temporary gates (e concourse) and with the new A concourse! It’s exciting to see my crew base airport grow. Rumor is, they’re closing 5/23 for concourse expansions to create a flow pattern similar to ATL and a 4th north/south parallel runway between 36C/36L

Posting this while sitting on the ramp at CLT 😝

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I’m aware of the future plans, hopefully I’ll still be a member of the editing team by that time to make the updates :)

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