CLT Airport Overlook open for spotters :)

A close friend of mine does not play IF, nor has an account on the IFC has found out that the Overlook at Charlotte Douglas International Airport has officially been reopened. Figured I’d spread the good word.


@Butter_Boi @Pilot_urp


I hope everyone sticks to the required social distancing rules and the spot can remain open (unlike those in Frankfurt, which had (correctly on my opinion) to be closed due to too many spotters not keeping the needed distances).

Thanks for sharing the news (even though I am (currently) some thousand kilometres too far away to use it…)


Thanks for notifying me of this, @Altaria55! This is great news to hear!

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Glad to see some positivity through all this. ;)

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Meh, nothing interesting to catch rn. Just the CRJ pests and lots of cargo. Won’t go spot until AA772s do their inaugural routes to Europe

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