CLT Airport-I love this airport!

Wow, American Airlines sure loves Charolette:)! I’ll definitely try flying there one day if time allows.

Tracking: FlightRadar24 B.V

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Wow that’s a lot of American

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American Airlines: Hold my hot dog.

Please post this here:

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Sorry next time I’ll make sure I won’t rush my posts when it comes to flight tracking …XD

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Did you mean that sarcastically or-?

In a nice way :)

@CyrusThePlane101 u just earned a lot of respect from me callin out the wannabees


Haha, what?!🤣 I gotchu:)!

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However, to the point of this topic, never knew Ameircan Airlines like Charlotte soo much that they would send hundreds of planes there :/.

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American Airlines has a hub at charlotte after they moved with Us airways. That’s why you see all the American planes there

AA has its second largest hub at CLT. 90% of the flight from CLT are operated by AA.