Cloverdale to Buchanan

I’m flying Solo for now and really enjoying the scenery in California. I don’t live there, but I was originally captivated by flight simming way back with FS98, when Meigs field was the starting point. I learned to love the landscape and airports in California from then, and it’s stuck with me now that my interest is rejuvenated, thanks to IF and its beautiful scenery!

Heres some shots from a recent flight in the Caravan 208, from Cloverdale (a little north of Santa Rosa) to Buchanan Field (at Concord, near Suisun Bay North East of San Francisco. Its a great route with all kinds of terrain and visual treats.

I flew the LDA RWY 19R approach into Buchanan, heading out from CCR VOR north of the Bay offering glimpses of Travis AFB in the distance.

  1. Climb out from Cloverdale

  1. Cruise along the valley towards Sonoma

  1. Left after Sonoma over San Pablo Bay

  1. Approaching CCR VOR over Suisun Bay

  1. Looking north towards Travis AFB

  2. Final to 19R

Thanks for your views, hope to see some of you in the skies someday when I go Pro!

mcgregni / ZK-MCG


Nice shots!

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Thanks, I’m glad you saw them 😉

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@mcgregni those shots are awesome! I love about 45 min - 1hr north of KCCR. I got there a lot.

This is my favorite:

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Thanks! Yeah, the approach looks good, at that stage… You notice I didn’t show the landing… 😉

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Nice shots!

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