Cloudy Spotting

Hey everyone! Today I went spotting again today and caught some cool planes! Enjoy the photos everybody!

Date: 30/7/22
Spotting Location: Tapleys Hill Road Lookout, Adelaide
Spotting Gear: Nikon Coolpix P90

First Up is this Fokker F50 arriving from Olympic Dam.

Next, is this Qantas 737 from Melbourne

I was lucky to catch this special livery By Alliance Airlines from Olympic Dam! Personally, I think this is a great livery.

Today, I also catched a ANZ A321N that arrived from Auckland, with the reg being ZK-NND.

And Some extra pics here and I’m too lazy to add description 😂

So yeah, that’s all for today, see you on the next spotting topic


Cool the 4th picture looked like a E 170 (maybe it is idk)

That is a E190AR. Looks nothing like a E170, they are way shorter.

Nice view!
I’m about to buy a new camera too for better plane spotting experience.

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great pictures as always @canton, what camera and lens do you use?

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Great Photos!

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Love the variety of aircraft shown, well done!

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^^ But I don’t know my lens 😂

Lovely shots man!

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According to the official Nikon website, the Coolpix P90 features a:
”24x Optical Wide-Angle (26-624mm) Zoom-NIKKOR ED Glass Lens”

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I’m not that into planes just it seems like it…

Ooh, love that Fokker 50 picture, looks beautiful.

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