Cloudy Spotting @ KPAO

Cloudy Spotting @ KPAO

Today, I went spotting for the first time with an actual camera. I thought it would be nice to share these photos on the IFC for this occasion. To test out this (old) camera, I decided to go to a small GA airport to see if I could get some good photos here before moving on to the major international airports.

DISCLAIMER: This is my first time spotting with a camera and my first #real-world-aviation:spotting topic.

Here are the photos:

A Cessna on Short Final and a Gray Sky

The Same Cessna landing

A Cirrus Just after Takeoff

A Nice Shot From Behind the Runway 13 Threshold

Another Cessna Lining Up on the Runway

N501SC Just Before Touchdown

The KPAO ATC Tower, Standing in All It’s Glory at a Mighty 20 Feet Tall

Tried to Get a Good Shot of this EVA Air B77W heading to SFO

That’s all from me for today. Thanks for Viewing!


Great photos, those are really good for your first time using a camera!

The fog with those hills in the back go great with the Cessna in photos #2 and #3, and the photo of the runway is cool too!

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Control tower is mighty indeed, thanks for sharing!

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Nice shots of the GA aircraft! Do you get some regionals or just GA? Mines gets a mix of both commercial and GA, which is quite fun! 🤩

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Some good GA Action!

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KPAO is mostly just GA traffic. A few regionals come in once or twice a day though.

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