Cloudy Day @ Planeview Park - Spotting at KLGA - September 23, 2018

Hey IFC! Today I went plane-spotting at Planeview Park, right at the Rwy 4 start. Here are some of my best pics (still not that good lol):

Thanks for taking a look at my spotting pics! I know some were not in focus, all I came with was a Samsung phone lol.
What do YOU think of these pictures?

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for what you had, nice job! liked the Westjet and Southwest

This is my favorite place to spot, nice pics :)

Look at the last pic bottom left corner- rip, many others were there too!

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The spirit banana bus! And I love the delta E170.

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Wow nice pics
I’m really thinking of making an expedition to the overlook near my house at KCLT.I used to go spot there all the time,I think it’s about time for me to return.
LaGarbage spotting seems nothing like Garbage but everything else is still… yeah we all know

I’m sure there is plenty of garbage around the other areas of LaGuardia. Just Planeview Park dosent have any views of garbage.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I will definitely post some more spotting topics in the future! stay tuned for a KLGA event that i will make in December!

Great photos! I’ve been to Planeview Park myself quite recently (thanks @FlyFi). It definitely offers great views of runway 4/22 operations.

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As long as 4/22 is in use, Planeview Park is a great location!

The Southwest is really pretty! :D

I know, it’s basically a flying rainbow!

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