Cloudy Day in India-Clear Morning in the Land Down Under

Hello IFC! The other day I decided to fly to Sydney from India for really no reason and I was quite impressed with how scenic this route was. I flew past the Himalayas, over South Asia, Indonesia, and down to Sydney. Hope y’all enjoy!

Flight Details

Airline/Aircraft: Air India Boeing 787
Flight time: 11hrs 10mins
Server: Expert

Blasting into the grey Indian skies

Flyin past the beautiful Himalayas


The rocky terrain of Shan, Myanmar

Off the coast of Indonesia


After several more hours over Indonesia the sun begins to set

Many hours in darkness over Australia, we start our descent as the sun rises

On final for runway 16R as the sun reflects off our plane

A not so buttery landing as we arrive in Sydney


Lovely photos you have there @Speedyyy

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Thank you!

Nice photos! The 787 is awesome

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Thank you!