Cloudy Afternoon at KPHL - 1/11/20

Hello again IFC!

Last January, I spent a few hours at KPHL. It was a very cloudy day, but I still got some pretty good shots. I also went to spot the American 787, who started flying out of KPHL at the beginning of 2020.

I following photos were taken in these locations:
27R/27L Arrivals Locations
Abandoned US Airways A320 Location

Enjoy the photos!

Here is an American Airlines Boeing 787-8 (N804AN). American started operating the 787s out of KPHL at the beginning of 2020, to replace their Boeing 767s and Airbus A330s.

Here is an American Eagle Embraer E145, operated by Piedmont Airlines (N691AE).

A JetBlue E190 (N358JB) arriving from KBOS.

The longest commercial route arriving at KPHL, from OTHH. This flight normally uses Qatar’s A350-900, but the occasional B777-300 sometimes replaces the A350.

Here’s an American Airbus A321 (N552UW), which was the 7,000th Airbus to be delivered.

This is a very interesting shot. In March of 2014, US Airways flight 1702 aborted takeoff, causing the front landing gear to collapse. The aircraft, N113UW, has been sitting at KPHL since.

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Awesome shots! This is the first PHL spotting topics I’ve seen and it’s great

Fantastic pictures! Why has the IS airways just sat there?

Cloudy, but you still got great shots, nice work!

Never see spotting at KPHL, awesome, nice shots. Great last picture of 1702!

Great shots! Especially the A350’s.


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Philly is such an underrated airport. Great shots

Especially the Dreamliner, but sure…

Thank you everyone! @NoahM @Sashaz55 @OKCFlight86 @Carolina_Taylor @FlyAndCrash @KPIT

N113UW was quickly written off after the incident. It was intended to be transported out of KPHL, assumed to be scrapped, but it hasn’t happened since as you can see. Who knows how much longer it will stay there, but it’s still pretty cool to see the aircraft. @Luke_King-kong


Lovely photos 🤩🤩🤩 I just love that A350

Amazing shots! The last one is very interesting!

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Can’t deny a good A350 shot, especially with the Qatar livery. 😏

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I believe Qatar only uses the A359 on this route. Did you mean the 77W because Qatar only operates the 777-200LR and that’s only for its ultra long haul route. Anyway great shots! Keep up the good work!

Followed you on Insta.

Did they take the luggage out and stuff like that 🧐

Wow amazing shots. Great angle to

Thank you @Vortex @den.aviation @Shane @lucaviness @CPT_Colorado

I’m assuming that they did take out all the passengers’ belongings onboard haha @ILOVE7879-2.0

Sorry, I meant the 777-300. But Qatar does use the 777 on this route occasionally, based on the time of the year/demand I believe. Summer months are generally operated by the 777-300, and winter months the A350-900. @RitzRegis


Amazing photos! 🤩

Awesome photos! Although it’s cloudy, you still managed to get some great photos, well done!

I also never knew about US Airways 1702. Turns you can learn stuff even during a pandemic!

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