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Welcome back to yet another spotting topic of mine. Yes, I know. These are probably getting boring, but oh well. What can I say

The first plane on the list is N761CX, an ATI 767-200f inbound from Cincinnati

Next up was N344NW, a now Delta A320 coming in from Atlanta

Then was G-ZBKN, a British Airways 787-9 coming in from London

Then, a queen of the skies, operated by National Airlines coming in from anchorage

Who doesn’t like a special livery? American’s TWA Heritage plane came in today!

United was also out with some force today. While the pictures of the full plane were terrible, here’s the front of N29984, one of their new livery 787-9s

The one departure I had some decent shots of was N800AN, an American 787-8 heading for Tokyo

And that’s the end of this one. I didn’t have much time to take pictures because the overcast meant less sunlight earlier. I hope you enjoyed these nevertheless!

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I love how United is adding more 787 operations at ORD! Great pictures as always!!

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ORD = ❤️
Great shots, loved the National 747!

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Number 7 of the AA 787 is beautiful!

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Ive actually flown on N915NN! Great. Photos!

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You made me want to go spotting some aircrafts too!
Ironically I’m working pretty close to a regional airport which is pretty active but then the pandemic happen…

Great shots btw!!

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