Just saw this on insta. I think there is a Cloud down there.
Sorry if I’m wrong.

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Nice catch! It very well could be, since clouds are in development.


just a light refection on the screen I would say lol


That white patch near the HUD? Hmm, it could 🧐


I think you are overthinking, looks like a light reflection on the iPad.


I think this is a cloud. A reflection does not look like this.

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It’s most likely a reflection, because those are the demo iPads and they haven’t had clouds on them yet. I know some people have seen clouds, but they weren’t on the iPads.

It’s obvious a light 🤷‍♂️.

  1. Why just a random cloud in the middle of no where?

  2. You can see the reflection of the light off the other iPads and the guy’s watch.

  3. … Really?.. 😒

And plus I’ve used a beta IPad very recently and no there is nothing on there.

Well, nothing has been confirmed by the developers. I doubt they would release a picture of clouds on a blog post completely unrelated to them. Furthermore, this picture is most likely taken at a public venue (Oshkosh?), so if clouds were shown on display, you would have already known about them by now ;)

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Mate clouds are in the works they were supposed to be released with the XCub but they were pushed back…

Credits to someone on the forum, they are suspended so can’t tag…

Random clouds in the middle of nowhere? I’ve seen clouds that are in the middle of nowhere, all by themselves, alone.

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Clearly not a reflection, if you actually look at the picture it is pure white, reflections look way different…

Since clouds are in development will we we also see Rain.

Considering its clearly an event and IF community members are almost always present at IF Meetups/Air Shows, we would’ve known if it was clouds by now.

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It was a circular light, distorted by the angle of the screen, you can see the shadow around it.


Yeah this pic seems to be taken at Osh which I attended. You can make a glimpse of the blue badge in the back which the staff used there. I can say, there were no clouds on the demo iPads. Also for the record they said they’d start with cirrus clouds. 🙂

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There is no way a reflection looks like that, looking to the shape and the color.

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It looks a bit too white to be a reflection in my opinion

No clouds. The only photos of them you will find is in our internal communication channels 😛