The Infinite Flight team has mentioned some clouds coming, they said in the Xcub update but it is not there. :/


Not sure where you got your information from, but we have said no such thing :)

What’s been said is that this update lays the foundation for future implementation of clouds. But not that any clouds will come now.


They never said in x cub update they did say this year in a live stream

They said they were trying to push a version of clouds in 19.2, but it wasn’t possible.

It was somewhat of a discussion early on, but for several reasons did not happen :)


Brining all this out at once is basically impossible, This will mean that people’s phones/tablets will not be able to support the game. Let’s the devs focus on one thing and I’m sure they will get to Clouds one day :)

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Actually they are already working on a basic version of clouds expected to release sometime this year

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Yes but they didnt get to post it as they were making the XCub 😀

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No, they said that there was sapposed to be, but they had to delay it.

Actually they were hoping to release it with 19.2 but they weren’t able to, you can read about it here on the development blog.

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